Mobile Publishing

4iDPS rolled out its first fully interactive, award-winning mobile publishing software in 2011. The application now runs on iOS and Android, and contains world-class analytics on downloads, reading and member habits. It is being used by clients in Asia and Europe, and has generated in excess of 3 Million issue and app downloads. It is used mainly for magazine and book app publishing.


In addition to our fully interactive publishing solution, we have also developed several html5-based readers for offline and online reading. Those solutions are used by clients in Asia and Europe, and run on Android and iOS devices.

Picture Perfect

  • The publication is laid to fit the target device. The design layout can therefore be controlled perfectly on each screen.

  • The publication can be laid out multiple times in order to be well-adapted to multiple screen sizes. Our software recognizes from what device the publication is downloaded, and sends the correct material.

  • This allows for beautiful design and surprising interactive elements, but the production process can be time-consuming if a lot of interactive design elements are chosen.

  • The publications are downloaded to the device, either for free or at a price, and can be read while offline.

Mobile Publishing
Mobile Publishing
Mobile Publishing


  • The publication is laid out once, and the elements adapt automatically to the screen size on which the publication is read (the design features are comparable to a website).

  • We have various automation tools to simplify the production process.

  • The design can be quite interactive, but there are less possibilities than with the picture perfect solution

  • We have two packages: one allows for the publications to be downloaded to the device (for free or at a price), in which case the publication can be read while offline. The other is meant for online reading.

How to choose which publishing solution is most suitable for you?

The pros and cons of picture perfect and html5-based publishing depend mainly on the visuals of the publication, necessity of integration into existing production processes, and mix of expected reading devices (pad / phone). Please contact us to discuss what solution might be best for you.