Why do we develop and install software?
We are passionate about automating software processes. Automated processes decrease error rates and down times, and allow process owners to concentrate on the goals they want to achieve, instead of QA. We like to set such systems up, and learn from each case we are given the chance to execute.

We like software to work constantly, like a Swiss clock. In order to optimize the processes, we like to immerse ourselves into the software environments of our clients, and figure out how things could be improved. Our consultants have a wide range of experiences, both in terms of programming languages and modules, so they can quickly get a grasp of the situation and propose improvements. We like to assure that everything works together seamlessly, so that information is available anytime.

In terms of development, we like to work with standard software modules wherever sensible, as this simplifies maintenance. We prefer cloud solutions. For this reason, we are a partner of salesforce CRM and Netsuite ERP.

Our Unique Selling Proposition
Our highly trained developers can compete with the best in the world! Consequently, the quality of our software development projects is on par with the highest international standards.
However, the costs are a fraction of equivalent developments executed in silicon valley and on par with low-cost Asian developer teams, but of significantly higher quality.

Our engineers specialize in mobile and app development, and have also developed several back-end integration tools, social media and streaming media sites. We are experienced in all common programming languages such as Java, PHP, .NET, html5, and cloud technology.

Our software modules have won several prices. Being our own client, we understand what our clients expect.

When we develop software, we act as if we were the end-user, and do extensive internal quality control before delivering the product to our client. This means that whatever we deliver to you will have been fully tested, saving you a lot of time, and assuring that the product is ready to be rolled out immediately.

We also take extensive precautions to assure that all aspects of the software you develop with us are kept strictly confidential.

Get in touch with us, and you will be positively surprised once you outsource your programming needs to us!

Why Taiwan?

Following its rapid development as a production center for hardware in the 1990's, Taiwan's transformation into a hotbed of software development is less well known. Engineering is the most popular major with over a quarter of all Bachelor's degrees; within this, Information Technology is now the second-most popular one, with over 30,ooo graduates a year. The high standards of Taiwan's technical education system, are further highlighted by its ranking in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) average math scores for 15-year-olds, in which Taiwan consistently ranks in the top 5 in the world.

The transformation from hardware to software Engineering was a natural evolution for the people of Taiwan, who are very attuned to technology and embrace it. Taiwan has the world’s second-highest Facebook penetration rate, and one of the world’s highest Internet penetration rates and Internet connection speeds. Its long history as a leading technological powerhouse means that technical processes and mindsets have become second nature for the people here. Unlike other Asian economies in which many industries compete for the best graduates, the large majority of the brightest graduates here are very likely to end up in engineering jobs.

Many outsiders continue to be surprised at the fast adoption of new technologies in Taiwan – for instance by the fact that Bitcoin is accepted as a means of payment in more than 3,000 Family Mart convenience stores plus many other locations since 2015, in the process turning Taiwan into a Bitcoin destination. But locals know the main reason behind this – many of the world’s best Bitcoin programmers are actually in Taiwan!

Compared with other traditional software outsourcing destinations such as India and China, Taiwan benefits from a far higher level of work ethics, unencumbered worldwide internet access, and a very fast, can-do attitude to software development.

Taiwan has a long way to go as a software center.