Privacy Notice


For I Technology Co., Ltd., a company incorporated under the laws of Taiwan, and its content providers, subcontractors, service providers, and partners for whom it is performing related services (collectively “4iDPS”) may collect, process, and use your personal data in Taiwan and overseas; particularly personal data transmitted and/or provided by you or in connection to your use (“Data”) of this application/software and any associated accounts (”Services”). Data is only collected, processed, and used for the purposes of providing the Services to you. 


Any Data collected by 4iDPS will be retained for an appropriate period necessary to provide the Services, fulfill its legal obligations, or until such time as you request its lawful deletion.


You have the right to:

  1. Inquire and request a review of your Data.

  2. Request copies of your Data.

  3. Request a supplement or correction to your Data.

  4. Request the cessation of the collection, processing or use of your data.

  5. Request the deletion of your Data.

You are entitled to exercise your statutory rights at any time. You may do so by addressing a written request with proof of your identity to 4iDPS by email (


4iDPS may process and use information collected as part of providing the Services that was or is no longer Data, for example it has been anonymized and aggregated and/or is not considered personal information under applicable law, for commercial purposes.


You hereby consent to the collection, processing, and use of your Data by 4iDPS in Taiwan and overseas according to the laws of Taiwan, and pursuant to this notice which you have read, understood, and agreed to. You expressly authorize 4iDPS to contact you as part of and for the purposes of providing the Services to you.