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We have one of the largest and most experienced customization teams in Taiwan, and in addition to standard installations and customizations, we also specialize in client training for salesforce best practices.
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How do you assure a successful salesforce implementation?

Define the specs

Set up your in-house salesforce team

Data migration

Implement salesforce

Train users


Define the specs
what is to be achieved? Do you just want more clarity in your sales team, or do you want to automate processes? Which ones? What integrations with other software systems are necessary? What statistics do you need? Who will be the users, and how will each of them use it? What additional benefits would you like to get in the future? Can salesforce replace existing company processes (other than sales), and what would be the benefits?
Having good specs is of critical importance for planning and staffing the project, and for a successful salesforce implementation.
Our consultants can work with you on defining the specs, as you may need someone with a good knowledge of salesforce to guide you through the system and to understand what is possible and what is not. As a matter of fact, the first point of contact with our clients is often the specs definition, which typically takes just a few days or weeks, depending on the complexity of the installation, the people involved, and how familiar you are with software tools in sales management.
Set up your in-house salesforce team
Set up your in-house salesforce team. This should consist of the following functions:
 An executive sponsor 
He/she shall make sure that the project gets the sufficient attention and resources. It should be a senior manager in the organization.
 A project manager 
A project manager to be in charge of the salesforce implementation on your side. He/she shall be the main contact window of all the client and supplier interactions during the installation phase.
 One or more system administrators 
It is important to get future users involved early in order for them to:
  1. help with the system configuration
  2. be early users and internal coaches
  3. help with the acceptance of salesforce in the organization once the installation is finished
Locate and prepare the data that is to be migrated to salesforce
Data migration is very important so as not to lose your client history, and depending on the existing formats, this can be a simple, or a time consuming endeavor; so it is important to assess this early on.
Implement salesforce
Our consultants will be in the lead, but regular discussions will be necessary to make sure that the system is configured to your full satisfaction.
Train users
Salesforce is a very powerful platform, but it is critical that it is used correctly in order to avoid data confusion. Our standard installation contains a training module.
Think of the maintenance early
You may want to change your setup as you use salesforce, and/or need continued training (for instance if you have new employees). Salesforce also has new releases from time to time, which sometimes come with new functionalities that may be useful to you. It is best to have a regular maintenance contract in place right from the start, so as to assure that you are informed early of any observations our consultant may have for you.
Our regular maintenance contracts contain a once-yearly audit, in which we check how you use the system, and produce a checklist of improvement suggestions.

We are experienced in implementing salesforce, and we know the system well; but several steps are needed on your end as well to make the implementation successful.

Ultimately all our projects are a co-operation of our team with yours, and this also applies to salesforce implementations.

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